handshake_interviewLet us help you! The St. James Project wants to encourage and educate as many entities as possible in Catholic-faith informed reason by providing services at no additional cost to you (we get nothing!). This is our mission in the New Evangelization.

We can partner with your parish to strategically assist and help build up your library at significant discounts, and/or we can provide particular Athenaeum faculty members as presenters at a conference or retreat held at your parish or at the Athenaeum.

We can provide faculty members to teach courses for the certification of your faith directors, employees, or constituents in areas such catechesis in the Catholic faith, ethics, and natural law.

We can bring your prayer group on retreat to the Athenaeum, splitting the difference on the expense of the retreat master, which could be a member of the seminary faculty.

We can partner with your office or institute in putting on a conference at the Athenaeum or elsewhere on a matter utilizing Catholic-faith informed reason. We would share with you 50% of the fees (materials, speaker, etc.) and record and live stream the event to free of charge, adding another level of visibility and effective evangelization for your mission.

These are just a few examples. We have the benefit and aim of being extremely flexible in the work of the New Evangelization. Please seek us out. We’re here to help. 

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