Human Sexuality

TOB2There is a lot written on the gift of human sexuality today, some things really helpful and some not so much. The following  links are meant as a kind of reference guide to the best literature on the theology of the body, natural family planning, and sexual identity. In this last set of links, our concern is not only for the defense of marriage and promotion of chastity, but also for understanding masculinity and femininity as geniuses to embrace in their own right.

Theology of the Body (TOB)
General Audiences of John Paul II on TOB; Paul VI, Humanae Vitae; John Paul II, Evangelium Vitae; Pontifical Council for the Family, “The Truth and Meaning of Human Sexuality”USCCB on Marriage;  Ruah Woods; Theology of the Body Institute; Jason EvertForum of Articles on TOBDavid L. Schindler, “The Embodied Person as Gift”Emily Stimpson, “What the Pope Taught Me About Food, Sex, and God”

Natural Family Planning (NFP)
USCCB on NFP; NaPro TechnologyCouple to Couple League; One More Soul; Pope Paul VI Institute“Five Ways I Don’t Love NFP”

Sexual Identity
USCCB, Promotion and Defense of MarriageHumanum, “Same-Sex Unions”CourageJohn Paul II, Mulieris DignitatemFeminine Genius; The Feminine Gift; VerilyJohn Paul II, Redemptoris CustosThe King’s Men; Masculine Spirituality; Catholic Men’s FellowshipFix the Family

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