scienceThe Catholic Church’s constant teaching is that faith and science are not incompatible, but rather showcase elements of the truth to which both aspire. This introduction is meant only to guide the inquiring mind down sure paths.

Science in General
Pontifical Academy of the Sciences; Benedict VI, Address to PASMagis CenterInternational Society for Science and Cosmos, Consciousness, GodMedieval Science and Philosophy; The Center for Theology and the Natural Sciences

Vatican ObservatoryVatican, The Galileo AffairThe Galileo Affair Online SessionWilliam Carrol, “The Legend of Galileo, Icon of Modernity”; George Sim Johnston, “The Galileo Affair” 

John Paul II, “Life Sustaining Treatments”;  CDF, Donum VitaeCDF, “Declaration On Euthanasia”;  The Pontifical Academy of Sciences, “New Developments In Stem Cell Research”Catholic Medical AssociationWestchester Institute for Human DevelopmentLinacre Quarterly“The Legacy of Dr. Jerome Lejeune”; Humanum, “Artificial Reproductive Technologies”;  Dr. Susan Rouse, “Defending the Right of Conscience in Healthcare”

Pius XII, Address to PAS on Existence of God; John Paul II, Address to PAS on Evolution“Neuroscience Wants to Be the Answer to Everything: It Isn’t”; Belief and the Neurosciences; Catholic Answers, “Adam, Eve, and Evolution”; William Carroll, “Creation, Evolution, and Thomas Aquinas”

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