catholic parentingThere’s no school for parenting! This is the kind of exclamation one often hears from parents trying to raise children, perhaps especially teenagers, in today’s society. How much television should they watch? What about the Internet? Should I spank? What can I do to get them to mind me, particularly at dinner time? Any recommended schooling options? When is a good time to discuss the birds and the bees? Bed time? Curfew? Dress? The following links are meant as a simple assist in the challenging but hopefully joyous task of parenting.

Professional Advisers 
Dr. Ray GuarendiDr. Tim Hogan; Dr. Thomas LickonaSuper Nanny

General Resources 
Archdiocese of Cincinnati, Catholic ParentingUSCCB, Parents and ParentingThe Mission of the Catholic ParentCatholic Attachment Parenting Corner
Catholic Parents OnLine; Faith and Family;  Catholic MomSt. Joseph’s Covenant Keepers

Select Topics 
Dr. Michael Rich, “Media’s Affect on Youth”; Fr. McCloskey, “The Family: Seedbed of Vocations”Saints Books for Kids and Their Parents; Moms’ Night Out; Humanum, “The Child”; Humanum,”Children of Divorce”; Humanum, “Absent Fathers”

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