Faith and Reason

faithandreasonThe quotation above from Pope John Paul II epitomizes Catholic thought on the integration of faith and reason. This “two-fold order of knowledge” attests to the irrefutable value of the sciences in their relative autonomy, as well as the bright illuminating character of faith for the same. The St. James Project’s mission involves educating persons and agencies precisely on the basis of Catholic-faith informed reason. We  recommend the following links to our partners and friends to encourage reflection on those matters which concern them. How might the faith present a unique perspective for regarding the intelligibility of your own discipline? Open the discussion below.

Faith and Reason in General
Helpful video lectures at; Cardinal Newman Sermons; Archbishop Martinez, “Beyond Secular Reason”

Fides et Ratio
Encyclical: Fides et Ratio; Cardinal Ratzinger on Fides et Ratio; Cardinal Schola on Fides et Ratio; Dr. Freddoso on Fides et Ratio

Pope Benedict XVI
Pope Benedict’s “Regensburg Lecture”; Pope Benedict on Practical Atheism; International Theological Commission: “Theology Today”; Pope Benedict’s Address to ITC on Sensus Fidelium

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