Education gap wideningThe following readings represent especially good material for educators. If you have one to recommend for our listing, please let us know in the comments below.

Teaching in General
Catholic Education Resource Center; “On the Education of Young Men and Women”; “On the Mystery of Teachers I Never Met”; “On Teaching and Being Eminently Teachable”; “On Teaching”; “Liberal Arts Education in a Free Society”; “What Teachers Mean”; “The Holy See’s Teaching On Catholic Schools”

Elementary Education
Benedict XVI, “Children and the Media: A Challenge for Education”; “Recovering a Philosophy of Catholic Elementary Education”; “What is Effective Character Education?”; “Why Character Matters”; “Educating for Character in the Sexual Domain”; “Teach Manners”; “Common Core: A Threat to Catholic Education”; The Educational Plan of St. Jerome Classical School

The Idea of the University
“A ‘Catholic’ University: A Contradiction or a Completion?”; “The Very Idea of a University: Aristotle, Newman, and Us”; Catholicity and Education

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