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Addictions of varying kind affect an increasing amount of persons, as Pope Benedict XVI could see. Evangelizing the culture first means healing the culture, ourselves and others. Try the sites below to find pathways to healing.

St. Maximilian Mary Kolbe is the Patron Saint of Addicts.

Help in General
National Catholic Council on Addictions; Catholic Prayer: Blessing for One with Addiction

Alcohol Addiction
Alcoholics Anonymous; Alcohol Screening; Calix Society; Essay: “The Catholic Contribution to the 12-Step Movement”; Alcohol Treatment

Drug Addiction
Narcotics Anonymous; Drug Addicts Anonymous; Catholic Drug Rehab; Lion’s Gate Recovery

Internet & Video Game Addiction
Internet and Computer Addiction; How to Avoid Internet Addiction; Online Gamers Anonymous; Video Game Addiction; How to Avoid Video Game Addiction; Video Game Addiction Facts

Sex & Porn Addiction
Sexaholoics Anonymous; Catholic Answers Video: Overcoming Pornography Addiction; Integrity Restored; Catholic Support Group; Porn No More; Article: “Treatment and Healing”; RECLAiM Sexual Health

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