St. Bernadette’s Opens Parish Library

St. Bernadette2



Jeanie Stephens and Dr. Tobias Nathe before the 9 a.m. Mass



“We checked out a few books at each Mass, so we are encouraged – probably at least 12 books went out. We will begin more focused promotion now and hope for more participation in the weeks ahead as well as adding books and DVDs to our inventory,” said Jeanie Stephens, the parish library organizer.

The first Sunday of Advent marked the grand opening of Lourdes Library at St. Bernadette’s Parish in Amelia, OH. St. Bernadette’s is the first parish to be sponsored by the St. James Project’s “Parish Library Deal” in the Archdiocese of Cincinnati.

“As soon as St. Bernadette’s gets to 20 checkouts for two months in a row, we’ll send them another $500 in sponsorship money. They’re well on their way to having a relevant and orthodox parish library that should be a great boon for the community,” said Dr. Nathe, Director of the St. James Project at the Athenaeum of Ohio. “St. Clement’s Parish in St. Bernard, Ohio looks to be the next up. We hope to sponsor as many libraries as we can,” Nathe reported.

The Parish Library Deal is a little known but extremely favorable component of the St. James Project’s mission in the New Evangelization. The SJP is currently able to sponsor up to five parishes per fiscal year at $1000 per parish. If you would like to receive grant money and direction in the building of a relevant and faithful library in your own parish, please don’t hesitate to contact us. The links to Parish Library Deal in the menu above should prove helpful.

Additional photos of Lourdes Library at St. Bernadette’s in Amelia, OH:

St. Bernadette3

St. Bernadette4

St. Bernadette9

St. Bernadette8

St. Bernadette6

St. Bernadette12

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