3rd Annual New Principals’ Studium on Catholicism

2015 July Principals LR(standing, l to r): Dr. Jim Rigg (Superintendent of Catholic Schools), Linda Phillips, Karen Juliano, Chris Shisler, Georgia Hertenstein, Terri Cento (= principals), Sherry Gabert (Catholic Schools Office); (seated, l to r): Amy Borgman, Mandy Kirk, Jane Brack (=principals);(not pictured): Courtney Brown and Christa Dohmen (=principals).

This past week marked the third year running that the St. James Project has teamed with the Department of Education Offices of the Archdiocese of Cincinnati to provide a three-day catechetical workshop for new principals in the Archdiocese. The 2015 Principals’ Studium on Catholicism was a resounding success, as 10 principals (9 new; 1 returning) met at the Athenaeum, July 29-31, for instruction and dialogue on the moral theology of the Church, Sacred Scripture, the principal-pastor relationship, and so on, all in juxtaposition with what principals deal with “on the ground” in their personal and professional lives. See the Studium Schedule.

In addition to the catechesis, various traditional devotions were included each day, such as Holy Mass, the rosary, and lectio divina, which together made the occasion an “informed retreat” for the principals as they ready themselves for the new year as the spiritual leaders of their schools. Of course one of the great profits of the studium is always the opportunity to be together as colleagues, for principals to meet and greet among themselves, with their respective mentors, and also with diocesan officials who are there to help them in their new roles.

“As someone who sat in all the talks, I can tell you that there were really some excellent ones. This year the concentration on the need to be evangelized and then to provide that witness in one’s school really came out clearly. The time set aside for prayer each day kept the spirit of the studium centered on personal and social development in Jesus Christ and his Church. It was awesome,” said Dr. Tobias Nathe, Director of the St. James Project. “We look forward to reviewing the evaluations when they come in to get a better feel for the response and to make tweaks as necessary in the future, but people were certainly upbeat and grateful throughout our days together. Of course, the famous Athenaeum meals and social time helped too,” added Nathe.

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