Vigil Praise Resounds

2015 Vigil Praise Web encounter-vigil-praise-2015The first ever Vigil Praise at the Athenaeum of Ohio came off as a resounding success–not that we were looking for “success” more so than “faithfulness”, since it would have been a “success” if only one person came to adore Our Lord in the Eucharist, but the size of the crowd and the jubilant responses of the same point to the “fruit” that this little apostolate is already bearing. St. Gregory’s Chapel was dotted with people from front to back who came to praise and adore Jesus in the Eucharist last Friday, to have their sins forgiven in the sacrament of penance, to hear the words of the Gospel and Fr. Benedict O’Cinnsealaigh’s sermon, and to gather for conversation afterwards.

“Last night was wonderful.” “They should do this every first Friday.” “Why aren’t you doing this every month?” “It was a beautiful evening – simple, joyful, solemn, etc. It was really excellent to see all of the seminarians at the social afterward. There was a lot of joy expressed in body language, etc.” “All the feedback I received was overwhelmingly positive.” These are just some of the praiseworthy comments that the core team received from those who attended. This isn’t to say that the event can’t be tweaked in certain ways, it’s just to say that what has been started here at the center for ecclesial formation in the Archdiocese of Cincinnati can and will continue to be a present and booming reality in the semesters ahead.

As of today, we have one Vigil Praise tentatively scheduled in the Fall and two more in the Spring. Please keep us in prayer and make sure and come and bring friends to our next one!

Stay tuned for pictures of the event. . . .

2 responses to “Vigil Praise Resounds

  1. We want to come but could not. I was hoping there would be another one coming up soon. Keep us posted.


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