Msgr. Lane Sheds Light on Ecumenism

msgr. frank laneMsgr. Frank Lane enlightened the faithful yesterday evening, October 22, on the subject of Saint John Paul II’s legacy of ecumenism at Our Lady of the Holy Spirit Center in Cincinnati, OH.

In an interesting approach to the subject, Msgr. Lane traced the ecumenical challenges for the Catholic Church since the Protestant Reformation, not only to indicate differences of faith, but to signal the underlying sources of division in the conception of the human person. This backdrop served for his elucidation of Saint John Paul II’s contribution to ecumenism, namely the humility and genuineness of his approach to reach out to different faith communities, even to engage them in their own places of worship, while always standing for the truth of the Catholic position as evidenced especially in his encyclical on ecumenism, Ut unum sint, and in his approval of the Congregation of the Doctrine of Faith’s document, Dominus Iesus, which reaffirmed the Catholic Church’s constant teaching that there is no salvation outside of her.

The talk, “Charity and Truth: Challenged to Christian Unity,” was co-sponsored by the St. James Project of the Athenaeum, where Msgr. Lane serves as Spiritual Director, and Parrhesia, an initiative of the Cincinnati Archdiocesan New Evangelization Office.

Click below to watch the video and/or go to our Live Streaming Archive.

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