The Myth of Conflict

Stephen Barr and usPictured above (l to r) are Fr. Benedict O’Cinnsealaigh, President and Rector of the Athenaeum of Ohio, Dr. Tobias Nathe, Director of the St. James Project, Dr. Stephen Barr, Presenter and Professor of Physics at the University of Delaware, and Mr. Mo Woltering, Headmaster of Covington Latin School.

Dr. Stephen Barr presented his wide-ranging and informative talk on “Science and Religion: The Myth of Conflict” on the evening of October 15 at the Bartlett Pastoral Center on the Athenaeum campus. Co-sponsored by the St. James Project and Covington Latin School, the talk attracted people with particular interests in science and the origins of the universe. Dr. Barr was able to point to many devout Christians, including Catholic priests, who have made significant contributions in the progress of science. The influence of Monsignor Georges Lemaïtre (pictured left of Albert Einstein in the featured image), the founder of the Big Bang Theory, and other Catholic thinkers in such fields as geometry, biology, and genetics were advanced to show the harmony between science and the faith we profess.

Enjoy the live stream of Dr. Barr’s presentation below:

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