A Reflection for Eastertide

Schehr Tim 2Alleluia! He is Risen! We are in the midst of the Easter Octave now–eight days of solemn celebration of Our Lord’s victory over death and the grave. What can hold us in the Easter spirit? Rev. Timothy Schehr, PhD, Professor of Biblical Studies at the Athenaeum, has offered us an Easter homily for our continuing meditation.

Easter             John 20:1-9

If you listen to the radio playing on your way to church this Easter morning you will quite likely hear a lot of Alleluias sung by grand choirs accompanied with the bright sounds of trumpets and other brass instruments.

I remember one bright Easter Sunday morning sitting in the church parking lot waiting for the finale of a Gloria or alleluia to finish. It seemed to put the right mood on the day. After all…could there be a grander celebration that this one: victory over death. I had to hear that melody right to the end. Then I could carry on with my Easter morning.

I also remember as a child hearing a rousing sermon by the priest on Easter Sunday. After Mass mom and dad greeted the priest and wished him a Happy Easter. But I was looking around for the Risen Lord in the church yard. The priest gave such a vivid picture of the Risen Lord I was sure He had actually seen him. And so I thought Jesus must be right there in our churchyard.

Alleluias…rousing sermons!!! We can’t get enough of them on Easter Sunday!!

But do you notice how quietly Easter came upon the people in the gospel we just heard?

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