The Cross and Sanity

Jack-F.-Rob-2011With Holy Week upon us it seems especially appropriate to reflect on the meaning of Christian suffering, indeed, any suffering we experience in this life. What is it for? Why must it be this way? Even if we accept suffering love as the path to redemption in this world order, as Jesus has shown us, can the proverbial “Cross” help us be more human, just for human sake? Is there any real sanity in the Cross? Fr. Rob Jack, STL, Instructor of Systematic Theology for the Athenaeum of Ohio, has provided us with a series of audio reflections on our theme. Please consider listening and mediating as we enter the final phases of Holy Week. Just click an arrow below.

The Cross: Remedy for Original Sin

The Cross: Model for Christian Prayer

The Cross: Source of Hope and Healing

The Cross and the Seven Sacraments

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