What is the Masculine Genius?

Nathe croppedPope John Paul II famously coined the “feminine genius” in such works as his Apostolic Letter, Mulieris Dignitatem (1988) and his Letter to Women (1995), but curiously he didn’t explain how men are equally special and needed in society. Speaking to the Catholic Men’s Fellowship at St. John Fisher’s church in Cincinnati today, Dr. Tobias Nathe attempted to do just that. After an early Mass and breakfast, Dr. Nathe spoke for roughly 1:40 minutes, fielding a multitude of questions, and going well beyond the transcript of his talk which follows. Feel free to join the discussion by posting a reply below.

Thanks for having me here. I’ve been giving a few talks since I’ve been in town, but not to a men’s group like this. I thought it would be worth our while if I gave you some of my background. While in studies at the John Paul II Institute for Studies on Marriage and Family in Washington, DC, I took a course from Dr. Phillip Mango, a psychologist and co-founder of the St. Michael’s Institute in NYC. The course was, “Neurological and Psychological Dimensions of Gender and Family.” Certainly I’ll be touching on matters covered in that class and others here today, but I mention Dr. Mango especially because he had the idea of founding a men’s group that addressed the full spectrum of masculinity. He wasn’t interested in a group that just met to read books, talk, and pray; he wanted one that would be physical too and demanding—a group that would purposely be about developing such masculine privileges as strategizing, guarding, and leading, while also taking care to address the wounds that typically affect men, like the so-called “Father wound” passed down from our dads. The group would also provide a social and faithful environment for men to be themselves around each other and before God. He called the group the Knights of Columbus on steroids :). It’s called “Warrior Brothers”; he’s the “Captain” and there are various platoons on the East Coast (many of which have unfortunately died out). After attending a weekend retreat-excursion jointly led by Captain Mango and “The King’s Men,” another great outfit with the particular aim of fighting porn use among men, I opted to start a WB platoon in DC. We were a small band of brothers who were together for about six years. In the early stages we met weekly. Here was the program:

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2 responses to “What is the Masculine Genius?

  1. The men who attended all seemed to be grateful and very interested in the topic presented. The proof was in all the questions that came during and at the end of Dr. Nathe’s presentation. Clearly men are hungry for more formational opportunities like this one. Thank you Dr. Nathe!!!


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