Outline of Msgr. Lane’s 3-Part Series

Msgr. Frank Lane has graciously provided the St. James Project the outline of the series of talks he has begun at the Athenaeum on the first Sunday of the month (March-May), which he had available in hard copy form at the first event.  A printable pdf of the outline is available here. For details on the talks, please see the flyer to the right of this column.

The Nature of Secularism and its Effect on Faith and Culture

There are three lectures in this series. Each lecture deals with a particular piece of the development of modern secular culture. The first lecture begins in the ancient world and the process of transforming myths with Revelation.

The second Lecture deals with the attempt to reduce revelation to a primitive mythology and the attempt to free humanity from the grasp of this mythology.

The third Lecture explores how this process entered into the American culture and what form and impact this process has had on the development of our civil institutions.

The lectures are entitled as follows:

I. Humanity seeks to know the gods

a. The nature of myth
b. Myth transformed by Revelation
c. How do we come to know Truth?
d. How is that struggle defined in the Middle Ages?

II. Humanity seeks to overcome the gods

a. Rationalism in the Middle Ages
b. The breaking of the synthesis in the Renaissance and Reformation
c. Pauline theology vs. Gospel narrative in the Reformed tradition
d. The Enlightenment: a mechanistic interpretation of reality
e. 18th – 20th century German Philosophy and the defeat of the gods

III. Humanity seeks to live without the Gods

a. John Locke and the nature of a person and property
b. Slavery and the constitutional arguments for Roe v. Wade
c. American Marxism
d. The failure of Religion

1. Mainstreaming immigrants
2. Brick and mortar Catholicism
3. Kennedy, 1960 – Dallas
4. Vatican II as a secularist manifesto – French Revolution
5. Metaphysical collapse
6. Reduction to a social and ethical system

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