Death Penalty: A Catholic Reflection

fr. Seger In just a few days we will celebrate as a nation, Martin Luther King, Jr. Holiday. Two days after that, on January 22, the annual March for Life will take place in our nation’s capital. These two events are not interrelated. All persons, no matter their race, state of becoming, or any other distinguishing attribute, possess inalienable dignity given by God. Fr. Michael Seger, Professor of Moral Theology at the Athenaeum, recalls this reality for us in this timely reflection on the death penalty.

At first sight, the question of the death penalty in most folks’ mind is pretty black and white. But, I would suggest, that upon closer inspection, the question of the death penalty proves highly complex. Eloquent voices argue both sides of the issue. Together we will explore some aspects of the debate and shed Catholic light upon the issue of empowering our government to put a person to death as a punishment for being convicted of certain crimes.

Our discussion will take shape in three distinct but interrelated parts.

Continue reading here. Questions? Comments?

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