Faith, Ethics, and Character Formation

Dr. Thomas Lickona, a developmental psychologist and professor of education at the State University of New York at Cortland, as well as Director of the Center of the Fourth and Fifth Rs (Respect and Responsibility), held shop at the Athenaeum of Ohio’s Bartlett Pastoral Center in early February 2013 on two subjects. He first addressed teachers about “Faith and Character Education in Schools” on February 8, and on February 9 he engaged parents on the subject of “Faith and Character Education of Children.” Dr. Lickona discussed 11 principles parents can use to develop good character in their children:

1. Know what good character is and make character development a high priority.
2. Build a happy marriage – based on love, respect, and commitment.
3. Love children – affirmation, time, communication, and sacrifice.
4. Be an authoritative parent.
5. Teach by example.
6. Manage the moral environment.
7. Use direct teaching and questioning to develop conscience and moral reasoning.
8. Discipline wisely.
9. Provide opportunities for kids to practice the virtues.
10. Solve problems and conflicts fairly and with love.
11. Foster spiritual development.

The presentation was part of the Athenaeum’s series of events developed in concert with Pope Benedict XVI’s call for a Year of Faith which began October 11, 2012 and ends November 23, 2013. Photos by Christian Cone-Lombarte.

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