Archbishop DiNoia Speaks

Archbishop Augustine DiNoia, O.P. kicked off the Year of Faith calender of events at the Athenaeum of Ohio with the Le Blond Lecture: “What is the New Evangelization and Why Does It Matter?” on September 12, 2012. The audience, filling to capacity the Bartlett Pastoral Center, listened attentively as Archbishop DiNoia drew a captivating outline of the timeliness of the “New Evangelization,” its recent emphasis in Church teaching, what precisely defines the term, and why it matters for all of us.

The New Evangelization is nothing more – and nothing less – than the renewal of the mission that the Church received from Christ himself to “go and make disciples of all nations” (Mt 28:19) in the new circumstances of social change that have had an impact not only on the surrounding culture but even on many local communities within the Church. The Holy Father has called on all bishops, priests, religious, and faithful to take up this challenge to discover “appropriate responses” to the new situation “so that the entire Church, allowing herself to be regenerated by the power of the Holy Spirit, may present herself to the contemporary world with a missionary impulse to promote the New Evangelization.”

The Catholic Beat provided a written review of the lecture. Even better, the lecture is available for viewing free of charge here. Those attending the event included Archbishop Dennis Schnurr and Bishop Joseph Binzer of Cincinnati. Photos by E.L. Hubbard.

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